Yugioh Ninja Monsters – Overlooked Archetype

Ninja monsters are really powerful. However, they are extremely overlooked, as they are not part of the meta-game.

Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armer NinjaYugioh ninja monsters have been out for quite a while. In  fact, one of the first ninja monsters, Strike Ninja, was considered so lethal that it had to be banned. One of the first Yugioh cards ever made was a ninja, Armed Ninja (he was a nuisance to duel against ‘back in the day’). A few other ninja monsters came out, but ninjas were not very popular until the release of Order of Chaos. The booster pack has released many new types of ninja monsters and has cemented ninjas as one of the more popular archetypes in Yugioh. Continue reading “Yugioh Ninja Monsters – Overlooked Archetype”