The Most Over-Powered Yugioh Card

The Yugioh anime has introduced us to some awesome cards, including cards that are highly over-powered. What are some of the most over-powered cards in Yugioh?

Recently, Victor, one of Yugioh Blog’s most frequent visitors, and I had a discussion regarding the most over-powered (OP) anime card. We both agreed that the Golden Castle of Stromberg was the most OP Yugioh card. However, under further review, I found that the effect of GCS was modified by Sigried (throwback to the original series!), who was the antagonist of the Grand Championship arc. Thus, it’s not really fair to include it in the discussion for the most OP card. I came with a list of three OP Yugioh cards that could be considered for this ‘title’.  Continue reading “The Most Over-Powered Yugioh Card”