Yugioh Photon Monsters – Strong or Weak Archetype?

Photon monsters are really popular among Yugioh fans, but do they truly deserve it? Are they popular because of Kite or because they are a truly strong Yugioh archetype?

Photon MonstersThe Photon archetype has gained a quite lot of popularity throughout Yugioh. A big reason is that the monsters are used by Kite Tenjo, who is a fan favorite of Yugioh Zexal. However, is the strength of the Photon monsters deserving of praise as well? There have been duels where Photon monsters look extremely powerful, such as the first duel between Kite and Yuma. However, as I looked at the TCG list of Photon monsters, they didn’t seem to be that strong. So what is it? Are Photon monsters an archetype that deserve to be among the strongest archetypes, or are they overhyped? Continue reading “Yugioh Photon Monsters – Strong or Weak Archetype?”