New 5Ds Characters

The new season of Yugioh 5Ds has debuted some great phenoms and friends. These descriptions will hopefully clarify and conclude some predictions prior to the events going on in Yugioh 5Ds

Until the Dark Signer arc started, Yugioh 5Ds has had the same old characters. Yussei, Jack, (recently) Akiza,  Goodwin, Luna, Leo, etc… However, with the start of the Dark Signer arc, not only will you meet the Dark Signers, but also some new duelists. The Dark Signer arc gives some insight on Yusse’s past, how the Satellite and New Domino City came to be, and the you will meet the 5th signer. In this post, I just want my readers to learn about these new characters.

Crow: Debuted Episode 30

Crow has been Yussei’s and Jack Atlas’ friend since they were kids. Jack, Yussei, Kiryu, and Crow formed a duel monsters group in the Satellite and were big shot duelists in the Satellite. However, after Kiryu was taken away by Sector Security, the whole group disbanded and Crow left to go his own path. Before reuniting with Yussei, Crow set up a duel camp near the Daedulus Bridge and taught kids how to duel using cards he stole from sector security.

Kalin Kiryu: Debuted Episode 27

Kalin was the leader of the Duel Monsters group consisting of himself, Crow, Yussei, and Jack. He was (and still is) a very agressive person. After a fight broke out between him and a rival gang member, Crow tried to stop Kalin from hurting anyone and he punched Crow on the face. Crow and Jack disbanded from the group but rejoined later. Kalin seemed to be nice at heart though because he has saved his teammates from facing many plights. Kalin is taken to jail by a security guard and is beaten to death. When he turns into a dark signer he goes to duel Yussei and (technically) wins. When he duels Yussei the second time, Yussei defeats him and Kalin tells Yussei that besides revenge, he wanted Team Satisfaction to have a last duel.

Rudger: Debuted Episode 27

Rudger used to be a scientist who worked for Mr. Fudo in their Enerdy facility. He and his brother Goodwin conducted the enerdy used now for turbo duels. Rudger purposley overloaded the Enerdy system which caused the Zero Reverse effect so he could die and be reborn as a Dark Signer. Originally, Rudger had told Goodwin to give the 4 dragon (Rudger having the fifth) to the four signers to defeat the leader of the Dark Signers. Ironically, he turns out to the be the leader. Rudger has dueled Yussei once, through the body of Rally. In the recent episodes, Rudger and Yussei have confronted each other.

Well, I hope you’ve learned some important facts about three very important 5Ds characters. Maybe these descriptions can help you conclude or start new theories you have about the scenarios taking place in these new episodes.Kiryu Yu-Gi-OhRudger Yu-Gi-OhCrow Yu-Gi-Oh