The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook

The combo between the new Spellbook and Prophecy archetypes looks dangerous! They complement each other perfectly and have serious potential!

Yugioh Spellbook of WisdomMost archetypes in Yugioh are heavily dependent on monsters. The most popular archetypes are Blackwing, Six Samurai, X-Saber, etc… and they are all based around monsters. However, there have been a couple of exceptions to the rule, such as the Spell Counter archetype. Recently, another archetype (one that is also an exception to the rule) was released: the Spellbook archetype. This archetype revolves around numerous spells that hinder the opponent. Spellbook is actually a sub-archetype of the expanding Propechy archetype. These two archetypes have been changing the game of Yugioh and rising strength will soon make them the strongest combo in Yugioh! Continue reading “The Prophecy Archetype and the Power of Spellbook”