Opening Retro Pack 2: A Strong Yugioh Booster Pack

Retro Pack 2 is a strong Yugioh booster pack with its large variety of strong “old school” cards. The cards from this powerful Yugioh booster pack would bring victory to any duelist!

Yesterday, while my parents and I went to Target, I decided to buy a Yugioh booster pack. Although, it wasn’t any Yugioh booster pack, it was the Retro Pack 2 booster pack, a pack filled with “Old School” cards. I wouldn’t say the cards I got were amazing, but they were pretty rare. Though it wasn’t the most valuable, my favorite find was three of the F, I, N, A, L cards; N, A, and L.

Two really good cards I got from Retro Pack 2 were Hino Kagu Tsuchi and Thousand Eyes Restrict, both ultra rare. Okay, I was hoping were something grander, like a Mage Power, but I realized that these two monsters were actually pretty powerful. Hino Kagu Tsuchi is a level eight spirit monster, which is the only catch to his power. When he inflicts damage to your opponent, your foe discards all cards from their hand during the next draw phase. This is almost as good as Yata Garasu! Instead of locking your foe down though, your making him/her waste all their cards, which is easier to do, due to the fact that Hino Kagu Tsuchi has 2800 attack points!

The other extremely rare card I gained from buying the Retro Pack 2 Yugioh booster pack was Thousand Eyes Restrict. Yes he is a fusion monster but I have the cards to play him (Relinquished – with ritual card, Thousand Eyes Idol, and Polymerization/Future Fusion). When it’s played, other monsters cannot attack or switch their battle positions. Like Relinquished, he can be equipped with one monster from your foe’s side of the field, stealing its attack and defense points. If Thousand Eyes Restrict were to be destroyed, the equipped monster would be destroyed instead. Thousand Eyes Restrict has a great ability because he could steal the attack and defense points of a strong monster and destroy all of your foe’s monsters, but thanks to its ability, your foe wouldn’t be able to overcome Restrict with battle.

Though some would say I got crappy cards, the cards I got from the Yugioh booster pack, Retro Pack 2, were very rare and valuable. Hino Kagu Tsuchi would be great to have in many decks, while Restrict would be perfect in every deck if, the user has Polymerization, Relinquished/Ritual Spell, and Thousand Eyes Idol. These cards are just a small fraction of the true power of the Retro Pack 2, Yugioh booster pack.


Yugioh Rare Monster Card Competition

Here are a list of seven strong, rare, Yugioh monster cards. Out of these powerful Yugioh monsters, select your favorite and give a reason of why you like the card. You can debate with others.

Through some comments I got about comparing of the strengths of different monsters, I got this really good idea! I will put down a list of ten popular and powerful monsters, and you guys can write in your comments which one monster you guys like the most and why. This will give you guys to debate with others through Yugiohblog and get an idea of people’s opinions of different cards. By next week, I will write about the monster with the most fans and five comments sent by fans. Here are the monsters:

  • Five Headed God Dragon
  • Yubel Ultimate Nightmare
  • Raviel Lord of Phantasms
  • Wicked Avatar
  • Savior Star Dragon
  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
  • Rainbow Neos

I will note that this is not a competition where someone wins prizes. This is more of a debate competition to favor a monster card. Here is my favorite out of them simply because his effect and stats are simply amazing:


A Strong Classic – Yugiog Retro Pack 2

I would recommend Yugioh Retro Pack 2 to any duelist because it has a collection of great cards from the Duelist Kingdom ARc all the way to the Battle City Arc. Yugioh Retro Pack 2 also has strong cards like United We Stand, Ring of Destruction, and Jinzo. This strong Yugioh booster pack would be a great buy for all players.

Last year, Yugioh Retro Pack 1 was released, and was a very popular hit to the TCG. Very recently, Retro Pack 2 was released and is becoming an even more popular pack than its predessecor. Though it is filled with cards you can get from old booster packs, Retro Pack 2 is an extremely strong booster pack. It has all the great “oldy” cards from the early episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh. It has Blast Sphere, Cloning, Raigeki, and the pieces of Exodia. However, the cards from Retro Pack 2 are much more modern and more rare.

Retro Pack 2 has cards that were showed during the end of the Duelist Kingdom Arc to the end of the Battle City Arc. Personally, I think the cards from Retro Pack 2 are much more stronger for you have monsters like Archfiend of Glifer and Revival Jam. One of the cards from Retro Pack 2 which caught my attention was Gorz, Emissary of Darkness. I assumed that card to be much recent so I explored the card list even further. I found that Retro Pack 2 was the booster pack debut for Victory Dragon, Dreadsycthe Harvester, and Green Baboon Defender of the Forest. These were monsters you can only recieve as a Shonen Jump Protional. Those monsters are worth a lot in the internet as well.

The best thing about Retro Pack 2 is that it has cards that everyone is looking for. Jinzo, Injection Fairy Lily, and Ring of Destruction, ect… Retro Pack 2 also has the first ever secret rare Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. Because all of the cards in Retro Pack 2 are exceptionally rare  in a deck, I would recommend this pack over Retro Pack 1.

Yu-Gi-Oh Retro Pack 2
Yu-Gi-Oh Retro Pack 2