The Atlantean Archetype – The Return of the Water Archetype!

With the Atlantean archetype, Yugioh’s water attribute is making a comeback!

Poseidra, the Atlantean DragonThese days water monsters have become totally neglected. With the exception of the nifty Mermail archetype, there has been a significant hole in notable water-oriented archetypes. A majority of archetypes have focused on dark, light, and earth archetypes. I miss the old days where archetypes were equally represented, when you would actually see a variety of archetypes in play. However, I may not have to wait long for water archetypes to return to prominence. With the Mermail monsters already on the rise, Konami seems to be focusing another archetype as well: the Atlantean archetype. Continue reading “The Atlantean Archetype – The Return of the Water Archetype!”

Yugioh Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords

The new Samurai Warlords structure deck allows duelist to duel with a basic Six Samurai deck and build a more competitive one. It is a great buy for any fan of Six Samurai.

Yugioh Shadow of the Six Samurai ShienSix Samurai monsters are some of the strongest in the game of Yugioh. Only the X-Saber archetype can rival the offensive prowess of the Six Samurai archetype. However, like any archetype, the cost of building a strong and complete Six Samurai deck was pretty high due to the rarity of certain monsters such as Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En. However, thanks to the recent release of a structure deck, Samurai Warlords, duelists can build a basic Six Samurai deck. Add some cards, and you’re dealing with a full-fledged Six Samurai deck, ready to compete in tournaments! Continue reading “Yugioh Structure Deck: Samurai Warlords”