The Number One Deck In Yu-Gi-Oh

The Number one Yu-Gi-Oh deck in the world is the Dark Emperor. Why? Because the Dark Emperor Deck has a variety of combos and strategies that could destroy your foe in like two turns. It revolves around removing your monsters from play and swarming them back on the field.

This deck is the number one deck in Yu-Gi-Oh for many reasons. Mainly for its large variety of combos and for it’s unique offensive capabilities. The number one deck in Yu-Gi-Oh is… the Dark Emperor Deck!

Yu-Gi-Oh-Dark-EmperorThe Dark Emperor deck has some of the best combos in all of Yugioh! Its premier card is Ciaus, The Shadow Monarch. This deck revolves around removing cards from play and swarming them back on the field. However, with cards like D.D. Dynamite and Gren Maju De Eiza, removing cards from play causes tons of havoc for your opponent as well. What I love about this deck is that it’s so structured. This deck has only one major weakness, cards like Imperial Iron Wall, and has a few minor weaknesses however, this deck is so balanced and versatile, those weak spots are hard to find.

A great combo in this deck is the Macro Cosmos-Soul Release combo. With Soul Release, you could remove from play, 5 cards from each players graves.  Then with Macro Cosmos, all cards that would be sent to the graveyard are removed from play instead. This includes spells and traps.  Then if you Gren Maju De Eiza on the field, (he gains 400 attack for each of your out-of-play cards) his attack would be at least 2000 due to Soul Release, but it would be much higher when you add a a Macro Cosmos. So one of your monsters has like, 4000 plus attack and defense points. To make matters worse for your foe, if you activate D.D. Dynamite, for every one of your foe’s cards that have removed from play, they lose 300 life points! That would be a lot of damage.

Before I end my post, I want to note that this list is made up of decks you can buy in stores, not home made decks. If this was the Top 5 Home-Made Decks in Yugioh, number one would be the TeleDAD deck. Anyways, I hope that some of you will buy one of these decks for the sake of improving your own decks.

Top 5 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Decks

The 5th and 4th decks of the Top 5 Yugioh Decks. These are very powerful decks, Maric Structure deck is filled with burn monsters and double damage spells and traps while the Invincible Fortress Structure Deck posses many strong defensive qualities. These reasons insured their spot on the list.

All a duelist has ever wanted is a strong deck. Whether you can get one from collecting rare cards or by creating strategies with a starter, structure, or promotional decks. So In my next three posts, I will be listing the top 5 Yugioh decks someone should buy, if they want to start a strong deck. Here they are:

5.  The Marik Structure Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh Maric

The Marik Structure Deck is one of the most powerful decks in the world due to its burn property. What Marik structure allows duelists to do is to swarm many monsters to your side of the field and inflict major damage through attacks and effects. This deck’s monsters revolve around Gatekeepers so if you already have couple of Gatekeeper monsters in your stock, this deck will be even stronger. Though Marik structure deck  doesn’t utilze many defensive traps and spells, it does have plenty of cards to destroy your opponent’s, with cards like Swarm of Locusts and Malevolent Catastrophe. This deck has all of Marik’s greats as well such as Lava Golem, Revival Jam, and Helphomer.  Though it’s only available in Japan, you can still buy it through websites such as eBay and Amazon, translated in English. Though this deck lacks defense, it is a prime example of the ultimate offensive deck.

4.  The Invincible Fortress Structure Deck


One of the best structure decks ever made, the Invincible Fortress became well known shortly after its release due to its large variety of defensive stats and effects. Though the this deck revolves around strengthening its main card, Exodd, Master of the Guard, there are still other strategies that are in this deck. For instance, the Megarock Dragon combo is very underestimated. Megarock Dragon’s ability is that he gains attack and defense points equal to the amount of the rock monsters you reomved from play to summon him x 700. Due to the fact that 90 percent of the monsters in this deck are rock, by using cards like Card Destruction or Dark Hole, you can remove enough rock monsters from play that Megarock Dragon is, well, invincible. Besides, the combos, the card simplicity is high in this deck. There are tons of easy-to-play cards whose effects are deadly.

The 5th and 4th top decks have been revealed. On my next post, the 4th and 3rd decks will be revealed, one of them which are probably going to be a surprise to many. Stay tuned!

Yugioh Structure Decks

Yugioh Structure Decks help teach great combos to any duelist. Very helpful deck(s).

Many duelists like to make decks out of their rare cards. They see which monsters, spells, and traps are fit to be in their deck. That is how I created my deck as well. However, when you first start playing Yugioh, creating your deck is not a good idea. Type Structure decks provide young duelists a starting deck in which they can build on as they gain experience with cards of their choice.

Currently, there are 14 structure decks in the U.S. For beginner duelists, buying a structure deck is a good way to start your dueling career. Not only do the 14 structure decks teach basic combos, they also show young duelists how to win in a clutch situation.

One of my favorite structure decks is the Dark Emperor deck. This deck has very good combos and makes it easy to play high level monsters. For example, by activating Dimensional Fissure, any destroyed card goes out of play instead of the graveyard. After a few turns there will be many monsters out of play. Then by activating Return from a Different Dimension, you can special summon as many monsters as you can from out of play. You can tribute some of those monsters to play a stronger monster or attack with all of them.

It doesn’t matter what structure deck you buy, it is sure to help you. I learned many key strategies from decks like Invincible Fortress and Warriors Triumph. I guarantee that anybody will improve as a duelist by using structure decks.

Positive: Teaches basic and advanced combos; strategies.

Negative: Not many powerful monsters, not tournament caliber decks.

Deck(s) Rating: 9/10