Top 5 Duels in Yugioh History Part 1

Top Yugioh duels numbers 4 and 5. These are some hardcore do or die duels in Yu-gi-oh History, enjoy!

For a long time, I have been thinking about the duels that took place in Yugioh and Yugioh GX. The classic amazing duels between two rival with killer cards! So I’ve decided to write about the top 5 duels in my list. These are no noobie duels like Weevile vs Joey or Jaden vs Alexis, these hard core duels!

#5 Crow versus Dark Greiger: This was one of the most anticipated duels in Yugioh 5Ds. It was Crow’s debut duel in the show plus it was Dark Grieger’s debut as well. It’s a very close called duel and Crow and Greiger are neck and neck for 99% of it. However when Crow activates a trap card that allows you to use a trap card from foe’s graveyard. Crow uses it on Basara, he sacrifices his Blackwing and destroys Greiger’s Earthbound God, giving Greiger 800 points of damage and winning Crow the duel.

#4 Yubel-Jessie versus Zane Treusdale: When you watch the duel, you can tell its going to be a do-or-die duel. Both Zane and Y-Jessie start out pummeling each other. Zane finds that the power of the Dark Crystal Beast is strong and decides to use his ace in the hole, Cyber End Dragon before he loses his momentum. However, Y-Jessie special summons Rainbow Dark Dragon. Zane fusion summons Cyber End Dragon by using Power Bond ad raises its attack to 8000 attack. However Jessie uses Rainbow Dark Dragon’s effect to raise his attack power to 9000 attack power. Zane knowing he can’t win plays a spell card that re-summons Cyber End Dragon. Zane then takes 4000 damage due to Power Bond and loses.