Top 10 Tuner Monsters in Yugioh Part 2

Hey readers, this is the part 2 of the top 10 tuner monsters in Yugioh. If you have not already, read Top 10 Tuner Monsters in Yugioh Part 1.

yugioh-delta-flyer5. Delta Flyer

Delta Flyer is a great tuner because it not only has pretty high attack points for a level three tuner with 1500. However, it also has a short but substantial effect: Delta Flyer can increase the level of one monster on the field by one. With that capability, you can tune Delta Flyer with mere four leveled monsters to bring out powerful eight leveled synchro monsters such as Stardust Dragon. This effect allows you to virtually summon any synchro monster between the level of five and eight with ease!

yu-gi-oh-krebons4. Krebons

Krebons is basically like Dark Resonator in terms of effect: by paying 800 life points it can negate an attack. Plus it has pretty high attack points for a level two monster with 1200. The main reason Krebons is higher on the list than tuners such as Delta Flyer and Plaguespreader Zombie is because it is one of the few Psychic tuner monsters in the TCG. Psychic synchro monsters are crazy strong and because Krebons is one of four Psychic tuners (it is the strongest), it had to be high on the list. Plus, it was an important piece of many Tele-Dark Armed Dragon decks.

yu-gi-oh-blackwing-gale-the-whirlwind23. Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind

Perhaps one of the best Blackwing tuners in the game, Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind just had to be on this list. It can special summon itself when there are one or more Blackwing monsters on the owner’s field. This allows for instantaneous synchro summoning capabilities, as Blackwing monsters are so good at swarming monsters onto the field. Gale also has 1300 attack points and once per turn, it can halve the attack and defense points of one monster on the field! That effect allows it to destroy any monster with 2600 or lower attack points.

yu-gi-oh-chaos-end-master2. Chaos End Master

Not only is this level three tuner’s artwork├é┬áindescribably awesome, Chaos End Master’s (1500 attack points, 1000 defense points) effect is great as well. Similar to Black Salvo, Chaos End Master allows you to special a level five monster with 1600 or less attack points to your field when Chaos End Master destroys a monster by battle. You can then synchro summon a level eight sycnrh monster! Unlike Black Salvo, Chaos End Master’s requirement for its effect is a bit more difficult to address, however, you can special summon any sort of monster through Chaos End Master (whereas Black Salvo requires to play a level four, dark machine monster). A great tuner indeed.

yu-gi-oh-effect-veiler1. Effect Veiler

This might come as a surprise for many, as Effect Veiler is not a great tuner in terms of synchro summoning capabilities. It is a level one tuner, so synchro summoning it with a level four monster only gets you a level five synchro monster. However, Magical Android is the only level five monster that does not require a specific tuner. So really, Effect Veiler is only useful when tuned with a level five or higher monster, which may be tricky to bring out if playing a skilled player. However, Effect Veiler can do what very, very few cards in the game do: negating monster effects. There are several cards that negate traps and spell card effects, but not monster effects. Just like Kuriboh, you discard Effect Veiler to activate its effect.