#1 Monster in Yugioh – Yubel Ultimate Nightmare

Yubel simply had to be number one. It one of the most wanted monsters in yugioh and every top ten list has yubel ranked very high.

The #1 monster in Yugioh is… Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare

Yubel The Ultimate Nightmare

The first time I saw Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare was on eBay. It was the talk of Yugioh when it was released. When I looked Yubel U.N. up to see what the hype was about, I was awed. Yubel was horrible at offense but was terrific defensively.

Yubel U.N. is one of those monsters that you like not for the attack but for the effect. Once Yubel U.N. is summoned, you’ve virtually won the duel. Yubel cannot be destroyed by battle and if it is attacked by a monster the monster is destroyed and your foe loses life points equal to the attack points of the monster. The only way someone can actually defeat Yubel U.N. is by spell and trap cards.

Yubel is the deadliest monster in Yugioh. If you guys think Exodia is good, then check out Yubel. It is very hard to acquire and the Yubel trio costs about $40, however availability is the only catch about Yubel. Other than that, Yubel U.N. is the best monster in Yugioh.