Top Extra Deck Monsters

It is important to have a strong extra deck and these are some powerful monsters to have in your extra deck.

If you guys remember, I wrote a post about whether exceed summoning or synchro summoning was the superior way to special summon from the extra deck. Applying parts of that discussion, today I wanted to talk about which were the strongest monsters of each of the summoning categories: fusion, synchro, and exceed. I will give you guys my list and you guys can give your’s in the comments section! (Note: no banned cards were looked at).

Yugioh Ultimate Axon Kicker1. Fusion Monster – Ultimate Axon Kicker

Not only does it look like one, but with 2900 attack points and amazing effects, Ultimate Axon Kicker is a MONSTER! For one Ultimate Axon Kicker cannot be destroyed by card effects. Wow. Basically, the only to beat is to negate its fusion summon or to beat it by battle (which is a challenge). Also, whenever Ultimate Axon Kicker destroys a monster by battle, you gain life points equal to that monster’s attack! If those two effects don’t seem are destructive already, Ultimate Axon Kicker also has a piercing effect… It is a bit difficult to play, but it’s impossibly hard to play like Red Nova Dragon . You have to fuse a psychic synchro monster with a normal psychic monster. Having Fusion Sage in your deck makes the process easier. That’s Ultimate Axon Kicker’s only downside; other than that, it is a beast and is virtually indestructible.

Honorable mentions: Naturia Leodrake, Supreme Arcanite Magician, and Five Headed God Dragon

Yugioh Brionac the Dragon of the Ice Barrier2. Synchro Monster – Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Unlike my Top 10 Synchros post, I actually looked at how easy it was to play when deciding what synchro monster to pick. Eventually, I just had to go and pick Brionac. It is a level six and thus the easiest type of synchro monster to play. Plus, once it is played, it is very deadly. Brionac has 2300 attack points and can clear the field with its effect, which allows you to return a number cards back on the field back to the owner’s hand by discarding the same number of cards from the user’s hand. Brionac is also phenomenal with Infernity, since getting rid of cards from the hand is key in an Infernity deck.

Honorable mentions: Stardust Dragon, Colossal Fighter, and Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Yugioh Vylon Disigma3. Exceed Monster – Vylon Disgma

is a really powerful exceed monster . You do need three, level four monsters to play it, but its effect and stats (2500 atk, 2100 def) makes it worth it. Once per turn, you can remove 1 exceed material monster from Vylon Disgma to select 1 face-up attack position effect monster your opponent controls, and equip it to this card as an Equip Card. When this card battles a monster that has the same attribute as a monster equipped to this card by this card’s effect, destroy that monster at the start of the damage Step (without damage calculation). That’s a clutch effect! Plus, unlike most exceed monsters, there is no negative side to Vylon Disgma when it runs out of exceed material monsters (for instance, Utopia gets destroyed if it has no exceed material monsters).

Honorable mentions: No.83 Galaxy Queen, No.39 Utopia, Protector of Founders – Tyrus