Number C32: Shark Drake Vice

Number 32: Shark Drake has earned a reputation as one of the strongest Xyz monsters in Yugioh. However, its Chaos form, Shark Drake Vice, is at an even greater level and arguably the strongest monster released in Yugioh Zexal.

Yugioh Number C32: Shark Drake ViceNumber 32: Shark Drake is one of the strongest Xyz monsters in Yugioh and has been an integral part of Shark’s deck in Yugioh Zexal. Its strength and rising popularity are probably why Konami is releasing the chaos form of Shark Drake; a monster known as Number C32: Shark Drake Vice. We know Chaos monsters become a lot stronger, and Shark Drake Vice’s abilities showcase this increase in strength. Continue reading “Number C32: Shark Drake Vice”

Number 61: Volcasaurus – The Strongest Xyz Monster

The Yugioh Xyz monster, Number 61: Volcasaurus is really powerful because it has a great effect and great stats. It is the strongest Xyz monster in Yugioh.

There are a lot of powerful Xyz monsters in Yugioh. I was looking at some Xyz monsters to put in my beatdown deck on Yugioh Dueling Network and I found an Xyz monster that I thought would be perfect. Number 61: Volcasaurus! Not only does its fiery artwork make it look deadly, it has great stats (2500 atk and 1000 def) as well as a powerful effect.Yugioh Zexal has really produced some subpar cards and a lot of Xyz monsters have turned out to be weak as well. However, Volcasarus is a really powerful Xyz and it is officially my favorite one! Continue reading “Number 61: Volcasaurus – The Strongest Xyz Monster”