Yugioh Abridged

Yugioh Abridged is a show based on spoof of the original Yugioh episodes. It is absolutely hilarious and in this post I talk about why I really like Yugioh Abridged.

Yugioh AbridgedWe’ve all seen the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh GX series, as well as the futuristic Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds series. Though all of these Yugioh sagas have great storylines and feature amazing cards, I have to say the most entertaining and comedic Yugioh saga is Yu-gi-oh Abridged.Yu-gi-oh Abridged is a parody of the original Yugioh storyline. Each Yu-gi-oh Abridged episode is cut from 30 minutes, to about 7 minutes. Though it does have some dueling in the show, Yu-gi-oh Abridged consists mostly of clips where people talk about random things in funny accents. The hilarity of Yu-gi-oh Abridged isn’t something I can explain. You have to watch Yu-gi-oh Abridged to fully understand how funny it is: