Yugioh Zexal World Championship 2012

Yugioh Zexal World Championship has the potential to be one of the greatest Yugioh video games, thanks to the introduction of Numbers!

Yugioh Astral and YumaI have ¬†been a huge fan of Yugioh World Championship games ever since it was released for the Nintendo DS. I was enthralled by Stardust Accelerator when it was released in 2009. I was awed with its duel-runner capabilities and held the game series with high regard. With a awesome storyline and phenomenal gameplay, last year’s Over the Nexus increased my liking for the World Championship series. Though it hasn’t been released yet, I have high expectations of the upcoming 2012 World Championship game, Beginning the New Number. Continue reading “Yugioh Zexal World Championship 2012”