Yugioh Zexal Weapon Monsters

Zexal Weapons are a new support for Yuma’s ace monster, the powerful C39: Utopia Ray. I like the Zexal Weapons as they really improve Yuma’s game and give duelists reasons to fear C39: Utopia Ray

Yugioh Zexal WeaponsIf you haven’t had enough of Yuma and his clutch C39: Utopia Ray, then this will excite you: Konami is creating Zexal Weapon Phoenix Bow. Zexal Weapons are monsters that aid C39 Utopia by giving it stat boosts. In the anime, they are summoned by achieving ZEXAL, but because that is not humanely possible, Konami just created cards.

Zexal Weapon Phoenix Bow will not be the first Zexal Weapon, it will be the second, behind Zexal Weapon Unicorn Spear. ZW Unicorn Spear has 1900 attack points and can be equipped to C39: Utopia Ray. By doing so, it gives Utopia Ray a 1900 attack point boost and the ability to inflict piercing damage. Continue reading “Yugioh Zexal Weapon Monsters”