Yugioh Chronomaly Monsters – Archetype of Destruction!

Chronomaly is an archetype that will be released for Yugioh in the upcoming Return of the Duelist booster pack. With two extremely powerful Xyz monsters, Chronomaly has the potential to cause a storm in the Yugioh world!

If you have been following Yugioh Zexal, then you have seen the epic duel between Yuma and III, who used a Chronomaly deck. Though III lost that duel, the awesomeness and destructiveness of Chronomaly monsters were on full display. Known as OOpArts in the OCG, Chronomaly is an archetype that focuses on swarming Xyz monsters. They are making their TCG debut in the upcoming booster pack Return of the Duelist. The Chronomaly archetype may not have a lot of support as of now, but they have two extremely powerful Number Xyz monsters as their base and are sure to be a threat in the near future. Continue reading “Yugioh Chronomaly Monsters – Archetype of Destruction!”

Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG

Duelist Pack Yuma hasn’t been released for TCG. When it is though, I expect there to be some more cards than the OCG version and I give a rundown of some cards I would want to see.

Yugioh Duelist Pack YumaIt has been bothering me that Duelist Pack Yuma has not yet been released for TCG. There are so many good cards that duelists would love to have in that booster pack, such as the powerful Number 61: Volcasaurus and Number 19: Freezerdon. I’m sure duelist pack Yuma will eventually be released for TCG, but when it is, it needs to have a greater variety of cards than what the OCG version has.  Continue reading “Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG”

Duelist Pack: Joey Wheeler

What would a Yugioh duelist pack for Joey Wheeler look like? I have created a list of monsters, spells, and traps that I think that pack would include.

Yugioh Red Eyes Darkness Metal DragonI feel like Konami ignores Joey Wheeler too much. While Yugi and Kaiba both got Evolution Starter decks and Duelist Packs, the only merchandise Joey has received is a mere Starter deck. However, with the Yuma Tsukumo Duelist Pack coming out soon, Konami should redeem themselves by creating a Joey Duelist Pack as well. If they did, what Yugioh cards would a Duelist Pack: Joey, include?


Red Eyes Black Dragon

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Malefic Red Eyes Black Dragon Continue reading “Duelist Pack: Joey Wheeler”

Yugioh Dark Monsters – Strongest Attribute

I think dark yugioh monsters are the strongest in Yugioh. Most of the strong yugioh cards have dark attributes such as Dark Armed Dragon.

Yugioh Dark GrepherYesterday, I received a comment  asking me what the best monster attribute in Yugioh was. Though I replied with Dark attribute monsters are the best, every type of attribute has its own characteristics. Light attribute monsters are usually fairies and they mostly have healing effects. Earth attribute monsters are the most common, water attribute monsters rely heavily on field spells, etc… However I feel that  it is easier to create startegies with dark attribute monsters. Continue reading “Yugioh Dark Monsters – Strongest Attribute”

Galactic Overlord – New Yugioh Booster Pack

The upcoming Yugioh booster pack, Galactic Overlord, seems to be a very good pack. With more support for monsters such as Inzektors, as well as a new monsters such as Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, this pack is a must-buy.

Yugioh Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon DragonIn a matter of two weeks, Konami will be releasing Galactic Overlord, the newest addition to Yugioh’s plethora of booster packs. While Galactic Overlord doesn’t have overpowered monsters (Rescue Rabbit, any one?) like its predecessor, Order of Chaos, it is still a pack to look out for. With some new archetypes and powerful Xyz monsters, Galactic Overlord seems to be a pretty good pack. Here are three things that I am really looking forward to from Galactic Overlord: Continue reading “Galactic Overlord – New Yugioh Booster Pack”

The Naturia are Still Strong Yugioh Monsters

Yugioh Naturia monsters are pretty underrated, but in fact, they are really powerful. Naturia decks are fun to play with as well and hopefully, more Naturia monsters will be made.

Naturia monsters made a big splash when they debuted in the Duelist Revolution booster pack. Naturia was thought to be the archetype of the future, an archetype that would parallel X-Sabers and Six Samurai in strength. However, after surging in popularity, they have gradually declined as of late. Despite their decreasing popularity, the Naturia are still very strong Yugioh monsters. In fact, I made a Naturia deck the other on Yugioh Dueling Network and so far they have dominated, going 4-0!  Continue reading “The Naturia are Still Strong Yugioh Monsters”

Order of Chaos – New and Powerful Xyz Monsters

Yugioh Zexal has taken a new road with the release of booster Order of Chaos. Order of Chaos debuts new Xyz monsters as well as Number C39: Utopia Ray!

Photon Shockwave introduced duelists to the photon archetype. I like the Photon archetype for their versatility and the fact that their ace monster is Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, one of the coolest dragon monsters in Yugioh! However, the most recent Yugioh booster pack, Order of Chaos, trumps Photon Shockwave for one reason: the debut of CXyz summon. Just like Yugioh 5Ds had accel synchro monsters, Yugioh Zexal has Xyz monsters that can overlay themselves in order to become CXyz monsters! Continue reading “Order of Chaos – New and Powerful Xyz Monsters”

Thunder End Dragon – Strong or Weak Yugioh Monster?

Thunder End Dragon is a very powerful Yugioh card, but it is very hard to summon. Is its strong effect worth the difficult summoning conditions?

Thunder End DragonI was really excited when Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon was introduced in Yugioh Zexal. The monster had a cool appearance and was very powerful. Alas, I must have overvalued my own excitement because I finally bought some Photon Shockwave boosters pack yesterday (along with some Order of Chaos packs, but that will be talked about in another post). In my first pack I had picked up an ultra rare monster, Thunder End Dragon! It was the best Yugioh card I had gotten from the packs and I was ecstatic! Continue reading “Thunder End Dragon – Strong or Weak Yugioh Monster?”

Agent Deck – The Strongest Fairies in Yugioh

The Agent Yugioh archetype is a deck that focuses around life points and summoning Master Hyperion, the strongest fairy monster in Yugioh. In short, they are very, very strong.

A few posts ago, I talked about Dark World monsters and their tremendous power. Dark Worlds have become a tier one archetype thanks to the addition of the Grapha, Dragon of the Dark World as well as other support cards. However, as you may have heard the saying, “when there is darkness, there is light.” Introducing, the Yugioh Agent deck, another deck that has climbed to tier one. An agent deck utilizes a lot of fairy monsters, aided with the effect of The Sanctuary in the Sky. Similar to how Dark World decks revolve around Grapha, Agent decks revolve around a monster known as Master Hyperion, who is possibly the strongest fairy monster in Yugioh.

Continue reading “Agent Deck – The Strongest Fairies in Yugioh”

Number 61: Volcasaurus – The Strongest Xyz Monster

The Yugioh Xyz monster, Number 61: Volcasaurus is really powerful because it has a great effect and great stats. It is the strongest Xyz monster in Yugioh.

There are a lot of powerful Xyz monsters in Yugioh. I was looking at some Xyz monsters to put in my beatdown deck on Yugioh Dueling Network and I found an Xyz monster that I thought would be perfect. Number 61: Volcasaurus! Not only does its fiery artwork make it look deadly, it has great stats (2500 atk and 1000 def) as well as a powerful effect.Yugioh Zexal has really produced some subpar cards and a lot of Xyz monsters have turned out to be weak as well. However, Volcasarus is a really powerful Xyz and it is officially my favorite one! Continue reading “Number 61: Volcasaurus – The Strongest Xyz Monster”