Yugioh Booster Pack: Crimson Crisis

One of the best looking spoiler lists! I would recommend this to any duelist because it is one of the simpler booster pack in Yugioh 5Ds. Plus, its got some good monsters!

Hi readers, sorry I haven’t written for a while, got caught up on school work! Anyways this post is about the upcoming “Crimson Crisis” booster pack. Though I don’t really like the monsters of Yugioh 5Ds, it seems “Crimson Crisis” consists of new monsters called Assault Monsters. Assault Monsters are the new forms of strong Synchro Monsters.  I read their effects and their effects and stats are much better than their previous forms.

The two greatly waited new generation monsters are Red Archfiend/Assault Mode and Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. Red Archfiend is back and better than ever! It has even stronger stats with 3500 attack and 2500 defense points. It also has a sweet effect! When it is destroyed all monsters besides the Archfiend are all destroyed! Think about it, your opponent has Scapegoat and Stray Lambs on their field, those tokens are all gone in one hit! Plus, when Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode is destroyed you get to special summon the original Red Dragon Archfiend!

Stardust Dragon/Buster Mode is in my opinion, the strongest in Yugioh 5Ds yet! Like the Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode, Stardust Dragon/A.M. also has improved stats. It has a whopping 3000 attack and 2500 defense. However it has a much more improved ability than its original form. It can negate all monster, spell, and trap effects by sacrificing itself. However, this time Buster Mode can destroy effects by chain as well. When Buster Mode is destroyed this way, it comes back to your side of the field, or you can choose to special summon the original Stardust Dragon.

“Crimson Crisis has one of the best looking cards, and its spoiler looks great so far! With the addition of the new generation monsters, 5Ds took another turn in dueling. The sneak peaks around the U.S. are on Feb. 28 and March.1. I would seriously consider buying this pack because it is the first time I’ve seen 5Ds look so, raw.

Red Archfiend Dragon/Assault Mode

Black Rose Dragon, the Strongest Dragon Monster

Stardust and Red Archfiend Dragons fall short in a competition between Black Rose Dragon. In my opinion, Black Rose has the best effect, good stats, and everyone in yugioh 5ds talks about it as if it were a god.

Recently, I opened the Black Rose Dragon tin deck at my friend’s birthday party. My friend and I were shocked at how many great cards were in their. The Black Rose Dragon Tin Deck revolved around plant. I also got to see the new beast of Yugioh 5Ds, Black Rose Dragon. There were many valuable cards in that tin. If any duelists want to make a plant deck, I recommend buying this tin first. It had great combos and great cards, including Black Rose Dragon. I saw another familiar monster in the tin. It was Resurrection Demon King Ha Des. R.D.K. Ha Des was similar to the original Ha Des. They both had the same attack and defense points, plus their images looked similar too. However this Ha Des had a better effect. The original Ha Des’ ability was that if he destroyed an effect monster, that monster’s effect was negated. Demon King Ha Des’ ability was the same except it worked with zombie monsters as well.

Black Rose Dragon
Black Rose Dragon

As great as the other cards were, I was pulled away by the star of the show, Black Rose Dragon. She had a great ability. When she is summoned, she can destroy all monsters on the field. Once per, you can discard one plant monster from your graveyard to switch one of your opponent’s monster’s to attack position. The funny thing is, it will have no attack points! This would be a start to a great combo. Synchro summon Black Rose Dragon and use her effect destroying all cards on the field including herself. Then use monster reborn to bring her back and then attack attack your foe directly. Next, play Stray Lambs and end your turn. However you must set some trap card(s) that in some prevent your opponent from playing a monster. Next, on your turn, sacrifice any amount of Stray Lamb tokens and play a strong monster. Attack with Black Rose D. and your tribute summoned monster to deal a great amount of damage. My conclusion is this; Black Rose Dragon tin is one of the best tins ever. The main reason, because it revolves around a certain type of monster, allowing you to make more combos, summon stronger monsters, and easily defeat your opponent.

The Duelist Genesis

This post talks about the negatives and the positives of the new yugioh 5Ds booster pack.

My first post will talk about a new, but popular Yugioh booster pack. It is the Duelist Genesis, the debut booster pack for Yugioh 5Ds. 5Ds cards do not require polymerization for fusion. Instead, 1 tuner monster and 1 non-tuner monster must be removed from play. This fusion sequence reminds of contact fusion, the special ability of the Elemental Hero Neos Cards.

A great card that can be obtained through the Duelist Genesis is Krebons. Krebons’ sweet effect allows him to negate any attack directed at him, but for 800 life points. You can escape this catch by activating Solemn Wishes. You can gain 500 life points for each card you draw. Then in your next turn, by playing a non-tuner monster, you can remove Krebons and the non-tuner to play a mighty synchro monster to finish off your opponent. This a strong combo.

You might think that the 5Ds cards are too simple. Many of their effects are not original at all but that is what makes the 5Ds cards good. Each card has an effect that creates a little combo with other 5Ds cards. Some more devastating than others. That is why I would recommend duelists to buy the Duelist Genesis and use its card combos to your advantage.

Positive: Good card combos, simple fusion sequence.

Negative: Easy to counter effects, many catches.

Pack Rating: 8.5/10