Another Yugioh Series?

There is no doubt that Konami will create another season of Yugioh anime. What should the next season be about? Read about my proposed storylines for the next season of Yugioh!

Let’s be honest – since the first season ended, the Yugioh anime just hasn’t been the same. GX was very interesting, as was 5Ds, but Zexal has just been a disappointment. The show’s quality has been on a downward trend since season one, culminating in the abomination that is Zexal. The anime is really what attracts kids to play the card game – a decline in the anime’s popularity equates to a decline in the popularity of the game. I think we can all agree that Yugioh isn’t nearly as popular as it was 6-7 years ago, when Yugi and Atem were kicking butt. Thus, if Konami decides to continue the Yugioh anime even after Zexal is finished, it needs to bring back major characters from the earlier seasons. Continue reading “Another Yugioh Series?”

The Strongest Yugioh Egyptian God Card

The Egyptian God Cards are the most iconic figures in Yugioh. Whether you played Yugioh or did not play, you knew about these cards and obsessed over them. However, out of the three, which is the strongest?

After so many years of anticipation, the legal version of Slifer the Sky Dragon was finally released for the TCG. Its release marked the TCG collection of the Egyptian God Cards, with Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra coming prior. While the Yugioh anime has portrayed The Winged Dragon of Ra to be the most powerful of the Egyptian Gods, which of the real-world cards is the strongest? Continue reading “The Strongest Yugioh Egyptian God Card”

The Strongest Duelist in Yugioh

The strongest duelist in Yugioh is Bakura, because his spiritual strength is overwhelming and his duel strategies are second-to-none.

Yugioh BakuraThe strongest duelist in Yugioh is none another than… Bakura! I know, a lot of people will argue that Bakura is weaker than some of the duelists I had mentioned in my first and second list. However, if you watched the Egypt arc of the original Yugioh series, then you’d have seen Bakura’s amazing power. Continue reading “The Strongest Duelist in Yugioh”

Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2

Part 2 of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh is highlighted by duelists such as Kaiba and Jaden. However, Yugi is not the number one duelist!

Yugioh Seto KaibaHere is part two of the Strongest Duelist in Yugioh:

5. Seto Kaiba

Arguably the most ruthless character in Yugioh, Kaiba’s relentlessness allows him to be one of the strongest duelists in Yugioh. He is focused on blowing his opponent’s to smithereens with his trademark Blue Eyes White Dragon and relentless offensive strategies. In order to beat, Kaiba be prepared to take a load of pounding before hitting him back with an equally powerful counter attack. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 2”

Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1

Part one of the top 10 duelists in Yugioh, including fan favorites such as Jack Atlas and Joey Wheeler.

Yugioh Marik IshtarThroughout the four generations of the Yugioh series, we have seen a lot of powerful duelists – from heroes to villains. When most people think of the strongest duelist in Yugioh, they think of the Pharaoh/Yugi. However there are a lot of other duelists one must consider when discussing the strongest duelist in Yugioh. There is also Jaden, Yusei, Kaiba, Kite, etc… Starting from this post, I will list the top 10 strongest duelists in Yugioh and their merit for being chosen. Continue reading “Strongest Duelist in Yugioh Part 1”

Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG

Duelist Pack Yuma hasn’t been released for TCG. When it is though, I expect there to be some more cards than the OCG version and I give a rundown of some cards I would want to see.

Yugioh Duelist Pack YumaIt has been bothering me that Duelist Pack Yuma has not yet been released for TCG. There are so many good cards that duelists would love to have in that booster pack, such as the powerful Number 61: Volcasaurus and Number 19: Freezerdon. I’m sure duelist pack Yuma will eventually be released for TCG, but when it is, it needs to have a greater variety of cards than what the OCG version has.  Continue reading “Yugioh Duelist Pack Yuma for TCG”

Yugioh Zexal – What Happened to Astral World?

There are a lot of mysteries in Yugioh Zexal surrounding Astral world and in this post, I give my thoughts about those mysteries and predictions as to what is to come.

I have been following Yugioh Zexal for quite sometime now, and I must say, it is no where as good as 5Ds or GX. There are too many filler episodes that are insignificant to the story. The current Grand Prix arc seems to be quite interesting with an introduction to new villains (the Tron family, Tron, III, IV, and V). Astral World has been brought up a lot during this story-line: its destruction, Astral’s “exile”, and the significance of the Emperor’s Key. I have one question: what the heck happened to Astral world and how are Yuma and his parents tied to all of this? Continue reading “Yugioh Zexal – What Happened to Astral World?”

Yugioh Abridged

Yugioh Abridged is a show based on spoof of the original Yugioh episodes. It is absolutely hilarious and in this post I talk about why I really like Yugioh Abridged.

Yugioh AbridgedWe’ve all seen the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh GX series, as well as the futuristic Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds series. Though all of these Yugioh sagas have great storylines and feature amazing cards, I have to say the most entertaining and comedic Yugioh saga is Yu-gi-oh Abridged.Yu-gi-oh Abridged is a parody of the original Yugioh storyline. Each Yu-gi-oh Abridged episode is cut from 30 minutes, to about 7 minutes. Though it does have some dueling in the show, Yu-gi-oh Abridged consists mostly of clips where people talk about random things in funny accents. The hilarity of Yu-gi-oh Abridged isn’t something I can explain. You have to watch Yu-gi-oh Abridged to fully understand how funny it is:

The Psychology of Yugioh

Yugioh is a very strategy-oriented game, similar to chess, so just like people develop focus and sharpness from playing chess, does the same development occur in people who play Yugioh?

Yugioh BrainYugioh is a very entertaining and addicting trading card game. Once you get hooked to the competition and intensity of Yugioh, it’s hard to stop playing! However, while Yugioh is great time-passer, I read an article that says playing Yugioh helps your brain tremendously as well.

It’s something I have never thought about, but it is a very logical theory. Top-notch and even decent duelists (in my observation) are pretty sharp. Many psychologists believe chess to help raise one’s mental acumen and how different is Yugioh from chess? In both games, you must be able to foresee your opponent’s move and plan your own moves ahead of time. Which leads me to another point the article makes…

In Yugioh, foresight is a critical skill to have, but what if you trained your brain to the extent that foreseeing your opponent’s moves and planning your own was second nature? If the ability to foresee moves became as easy as your ABCs, you would have less problems to worry about in the duel. Anyways, the point is that Yugioh and mental acumen interconnected.

The article is very interesting and I recommend that everyone should read it. What are your thoughts on this issue? Does having high intellect make you better a duelist?

Yugioh Nordic Deck

In the show, the Aesir monsters Loki, Thor, and Odin were ridiculously powerful, as they almost defeated Yusei! How powerful would a deck of these monsters be?

In the show, the Aesir monsters Loki, Thor, and Odin were ridiculously powerful, as they almost defeated Yusei! I was not really interested with those monsters though because I figured, “when they are released as Yugioh cards they won’t be as strong.” However, I was mistaken: the powerful effects of Loki, Thor, and Odin were not altered and the cards became pretty popular among duelists. I had never got the chance to see the power of a Nordic deck until this afternoon, when I was smashed by an Odin deck.

I was using my strong X-Saber deck since the duelist I was facing had a pretty high rank. I was shocked when I started to thrash him from the get-go, his weak skill belied his high ranking. However, the game literally changed in one turn when he purposely destroyed his Tanngrisinir of the Nordic Beasts by attacking one of my monsters. He activated Tannigrsinir’s effect, allowing him to place two level three tokens on his field. He then tuned the tokens with his Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant  and played Odin, Father of the Aesir!

I was in awe when the guy brought out Odin so fast. I was so close to winning as I had Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier on my field and could have cleared the field for the win. Odin easily dispatched my monsters and eventually the guy won. I was stunned, but I learned a lot about the Nordic Decks. They are a fairly slow deck but once their ace monster is played (whether its Loki, Thor, or Odin) the process of destroying the opponent is pretty fast!

Yugioh Aesir