Yugioh 5Ds – Turbo Duel Grand Prix

The Yugioh 5Ds turbo duel grand prix will be awesome! It’s going to be awesome and is going to have a lot of good duels. I am sure we will see a future Kaiba, possibly a future Pegasus and Yugi.

The first two seasons of Yugioh-5Ds were very suspensful and exciting; duelists used a lot of new cards and the whole idea of syncro monsters were introduced. Though I doubt it will be as good as the second season, Yugioh 5Ds third arc has started to get more and more excting due to the Turbo Duel Grand Prix. There are many filler episodes in the beginning of this arc (episodes that don’t have anything to do with the main storyline) but I would estimate by the 80th episode of 5Ds, the tournament should start.

In many forums, writers guessed that episode 70 would be the start of another Spirit World storyline. I think that this is true, because in that episode Luna goes into a mystical jungle and dissapears, where else could she have gone? In the following episode, Yussei Captured!, I suspect that Yussei will be dragged into the Spirit World from the forest, to assist Luna on her mission. However, after the terrible previous, Sprit World mini, (where Luna frees Ancient Fairy Dragon) I doubt this one will be any better.

Beside the Spirit World thing, I am really excited to see the following episodes of the third season. We all know that Yussei, Crow, Jack, and a lot of other great turbo duelists will be competing in that tournament.  There will be many intersting duels in that Grand Prix, which reminds me of the Kaiba Corp Grand Chapionship from the original Yu-Gi-Oh. I hope to see Future Kaiba at the Grand Prix, as well as a Future Yugi  and Pegasus.

The Conclusion To the Signer Controversy

My opinion about the fifth signer, Crow, who inherits the roel after Goodwin dies. I would like to see Crow have upgraded Blackwing Monsters in the third arc of Yugioh 5Ds

Yu-Gi-Oh Crow
Crow with his tail mark

After reading tons of responses to my two “Who is the Fifth Signer” articles and reading multiple pages of Yugioh wiki, I have come to the conclusion that Crow is definitley a the fifth signer! This was my first guess (read here) but it was neglected so much I thought it wasn’t true! Apparently he inherits this role after Goodwin loses the duel against Yussei and dies.

Though Crow mainly uses all winged-beasts, you can’t forget that all Yussei ever uses are warriors, and Jack uses fiends, Akiza uses plants, and Luna uses fairies. Yet, they all have a dragon? So how was Crow any different. Plus, besides the fifth dragon, Crow has another dragon too! It debuted in his first, third arc duel, and it was called Winger Dragon or something. He was more close to being a signer than anyone else!

Even though he is a Signer, I think Crow has the worst variety of cards. Yussei has multiple Synchros, Jack has different fiends, Akiza has tons of plant tokens, and Luna’s deck is any monster who wishes to serve her (she could have an Egyptian God for all we know). However Crow has the same old monsters in all his duels. Armor Master, Bora the Spear, Silver Wind, etc… I wish he gets newer cards and that the Blackwings get an upgrade.

Yugioh 5Ds: The Third Arch, (Featuring a Contest)

This post features a card contest, and it also talks about the upcoming events of the third arc on Yugioh 5Ds. The third arc seems very cool; Yussei will be dueling a bandit turbo duelist in order to get back duel runner parts the bandit took from others. The third arc will also be the introduction to the Turbo Duel Grand Prix.

Before I start my post for today, I would like to say that Yugiohblog.com will start having contests where you can win rare cards.  If a post has a contest, then on my title I will have added (Featuring a Contest). This will be the first contest I am doing. All you guys have to do is write a one paragraph story about your favorite Yugioh card and why you like it. The winner will recieve a mint edition, secret rare, Rainbow Dark Dragon. Good luck!

I have talked about the Dark Signer arc many times in this blog, and I am sure many people have already found who the Fifth Signer due to some spoiler comments. However, on July 1, Japan will be airing the 65th episode of Yugioh 5Ds, which is also the beginning of Yugioh 5Ds’ third arc. The third arc is set 6 months after Yussei defeats Goodwin and Rudger and 6 months before the upcoming Turbo Duel Grand Prix.

Our main character Yussei, along with his friends, Rally, Blitz, Gnervin, and Crow have all moved to New Domino City. For the grand prix, Yussei, Crow, and Jack have made major modifications to there duel runners. However, there were rumors going around that there was a duelist who sabotages duel runners in order to the parts of the duel runners to his own. The rumors are confirmed when Lazar asks for the help of Yussei to stop this duelist who is known by ‘Ghost’. Lazar tells Yussei that Ghost hides in the outskirts of New Domino and uses fiend and zombie. Yussei drives off and the episode ends.

That’s all of the main things that happen with Yussei in that episode but I hope that everyone who was turned into a dark signer by revenge (Demak, Carly, Kiryu, and Misty) all come back to life. Because before they saught revenge, they were all friends of the signers. Yugio wikia says that after Ghost is defeated, the third arc will be all filler episodes leading up to the Grand Prix, which will be part of the third and fourth arcs. The third arc’s not going to be as thrilling as the Dark Signer arc, but I hope it will lead to newer monsters!

New 5Ds Characters

The new season of Yugioh 5Ds has debuted some great phenoms and friends. These descriptions will hopefully clarify and conclude some predictions prior to the events going on in Yugioh 5Ds

Until the Dark Signer arc started, Yugioh 5Ds has had the same old characters. Yussei, Jack, (recently) Akiza,  Goodwin, Luna, Leo, etc… However, with the start of the Dark Signer arc, not only will you meet the Dark Signers, but also some new duelists. The Dark Signer arc gives some insight on Yusse’s past, how the Satellite and New Domino City came to be, and the you will meet the 5th signer. In this post, I just want my readers to learn about these new characters.

Crow: Debuted Episode 30

Crow has been Yussei’s and Jack Atlas’ friend since they were kids. Jack, Yussei, Kiryu, and Crow formed a duel monsters group in the Satellite and were big shot duelists in the Satellite. However, after Kiryu was taken away by Sector Security, the whole group disbanded and Crow left to go his own path. Before reuniting with Yussei, Crow set up a duel camp near the Daedulus Bridge and taught kids how to duel using cards he stole from sector security.

Kalin Kiryu: Debuted Episode 27

Kalin was the leader of the Duel Monsters group consisting of himself, Crow, Yussei, and Jack. He was (and still is) a very agressive person. After a fight broke out between him and a rival gang member, Crow tried to stop Kalin from hurting anyone and he punched Crow on the face. Crow and Jack disbanded from the group but rejoined later. Kalin seemed to be nice at heart though because he has saved his teammates from facing many plights. Kalin is taken to jail by a security guard and is beaten to death. When he turns into a dark signer he goes to duel Yussei and (technically) wins. When he duels Yussei the second time, Yussei defeats him and Kalin tells Yussei that besides revenge, he wanted Team Satisfaction to have a last duel.

Rudger: Debuted Episode 27

Rudger used to be a scientist who worked for Mr. Fudo in their Enerdy facility. He and his brother Goodwin conducted the enerdy used now for turbo duels. Rudger purposley overloaded the Enerdy system which caused the Zero Reverse effect so he could die and be reborn as a Dark Signer. Originally, Rudger had told Goodwin to give the 4 dragon (Rudger having the fifth) to the four signers to defeat the leader of the Dark Signers. Ironically, he turns out to the be the leader. Rudger has dueled Yussei once, through the body of Rally. In the recent episodes, Rudger and Yussei have confronted each other.

Well, I hope you’ve learned some important facts about three very important 5Ds characters. Maybe these descriptions can help you conclude or start new theories you have about the scenarios taking place in these new episodes.Kiryu Yu-Gi-OhRudger Yu-Gi-OhCrow Yu-Gi-Oh

Seriously, Who Really Is the 5th Signer? (It’s Not Goodwin!?!?)

I have reading that Goodwin isn’t the last signer! Common! If it’s not him who is it! This is like Hatching Pete! However, I have a distinct hunch, it might be Mina, but we will see!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post inquiring about who the 5th signer was, (read here). I received many comments from my readers saying that Goodwin was the 5th signer. For some time I believed that to be true. However I have been reading some rumors that are changing my mind. People are writing that Goodwin is actually pretending to be the 5th signer. Goodwin is a dark singer who has a winged-beast Earthbound God and is apparently waiting to meet the King of the Underworld!

At first this might seem bogus to you but I’ve recieved some comments stating this and Yu-Gi-Oh!wiki is also saying that in episode 62 of Yugioh 5Ds, Rex Goodwin reveals that he is a Dark Signer and he that he is waiting for the King Of the Underworld. It also said he was keeping the actuall 5th signer hostage. Although these rumors have stymied me about the person known as the ‘5th signer’, it has also given me some hope. Think about it, if Goodwin is a Dark Signer, and is sacrificing the 5th Signer then he would ambush them during an episode or two before episode 62. I am positive that the person he kidnapps will be the 5th signer.

Now, because of this information, I continue to think Crow or Leo could still be signer(s). However, I have added another prediction to my list. I think Mina could be the 5th signer because she is so close to Goodwin (his secretary) that he could kidnap her at any time. Plus, why would he hire her if he had no use for her. I know Mina “looks after” Jack but I’m sure Goodwin knows that Jack can remain fine without Mina. Even though I have predictions, I am really confused about this topic! I feel I missed a detail or two… anyways if any of you have any clue as to what’s going on with the 5th singer, write as a comment.

Aquiring New Yugioh Cards Through Trading and Other Methods

Getting new Yugioh Cards is a must because each time you upgrade your deck in a strategic manner it usually pays off. Improve your deck off your previous mistakes too! At the end of this post I have listed some cards that can be useful to deck improvements.

Like most duelists, my first deck was a starter deck. I was so excited to have that deck and I was ready to pummel my friends in duel. But sometimes I lost duels. This post will talk how one can improve their deck to be better than their previous one and I will be using common examples I found on the internet as well as my own dueling experiances.

When I was about 10, I entered a Regional Tournament. The night before I had bought a Raviel, The Lord of Phantasms tin deck and had stuffed my deck full of strong level 5-10 monsters. Yeah I had a few level 4 and 3 monsters and some weak spells and traps but I thought I was going to win with only strong monsters. I lost all four of my matches and was elimenated from the tournament. Now what I want to share with young duelists is to balance your deck. The cards I had in my deck only had high attack, nothing. Suupose I had threw in a Negate Attack and replaced some of my high level monsters with lower level monsters that had effects relating to my deck theme. I might have won some duels.

Another common mistake people make is that they only rely on specific type of cards. My friend who I always duel against only uses fiend monsters. He never accepts strong cards from me unless their fiends. Here is the good side about this type of play: You can make deadly combos, the bad side: You’re limiting yourself to a specific type of cards and if you lose duels your not looking to change your monsters or your combos.

Both of these examples show how key it is to trade and buy cards. Go trade with your friends, people you know who have cards you like, any duelist you meet! Trading exposes you to knew cards and teaches you new strategies you’d like to use in the future. My Weaken and Destroy deck has been undefeated since 2007. Why, because I have traded and traded and exposed myself to new ideas! That is my trading is so important in dueling.

I hope all of you have learned the good that can come out of getting new Yugioh cards. You can collect cards for a special deck or one can even acquire cards just to sell them! These are some cards I would recommend you should get through trading, buying, etc:

  • Magic Cylinder
  • Scrap Metal Scare-Crow
  • Raigeki
  • Big Shield Gardna
  • Ghost Gardna
  • Rocket Warrior
  • Tornado
  • Turret Warrior
  • Skull Dice
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Negate Attack
  • Dark Armed Dragon

Yugioh Booster Pack: The Raging Battle

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac-Apu and Trident Dragon are the strongest monster I have ever seen! Their effects, their attack and defense power, I feel at awe!

Yu-Gi-Oh Trident Dragon
Yu-Gi-Oh Trident Dragon

Raging Battle, the newest Yugioh booster pack, is set to be out in May. Raging Battle has Power Tool Dragon on the cover and revolves around dragon and rock type monsters. One thing that caught my eye when I was going over the spoiler list was that this booster pack was the debut for the Earthbound Immortals, the monsters Dark Signers use. Though there are only two in the pack, they are immensely rare.

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac-Apu, the strongest of the Earthbounds, is a very strong level 10 monster with 3000 attack and 2500 defense points. Ccapac-Apu is a burn monster as well. Whenever it destroys a monster it inflicts life points equal to the attack points of the destroyed monster to your foe. Plus, like all the Earthbound Immortals, it can attack directly.

Another monster that caught my eye in this booster pack was a card Goodwin uses halfway through the season, Trident Dragon. At first I thought this card was the 5th dragon, however it looked nothing like the pictures I’ve seen of the 5th dragon. Trident Dragon is tremendously strong with 3000 attack and 2800 defense points. You discard up to two cards on your field. Trident Dragon can once more if you discarded one card, or twice more if you discarded two. Its effect and power make it one of the most powerful monsters I’ve seen.

The Raging Battle seems like a good booster pack if you’re a user of dragon or rock type monsters. Ccapac-Apu is the rock god and Trident Dragon’s effect goes well with the card, Dragon Eggs or Stray Lambs. I thought Yugioh 5Ds cards were bad but with booster packs like Crimson Crisis and Raging Battle, I’m reconsidering my perception.

Black Wing Monsters: The Strongest Yugioh Winged-Beast Monsters?

Blackwing Monsters are the newest type of winged-beasts and are going to be the next bing thing with their amazing swarming abilities, Armor Master especially.

Yu-gi-oh Blackwing Armor Master
Yu-gi-oh Blackwing Armor Master

Due to all the work I had to do before spring break, I didn’t have much time to write a post! Anyways though before I started my post, I wanted to answer a question I saw on Yahoo: How do you know if there are foil cards in your booster pack. Common and rare cards, foil cards have a special plastic over them that make them holographic which adds extra weight to the card. Therefore, you can get a pocket scaler and measure the weight of each pack and the heavier one’s will probably be the one with the foil cards.

In my last post, I talked about Assault Monsters, the new type of cards from Crimson Crisis. Today I will talk about the Black Wing monsters who also debuted in the Crimson Crisis. Black Wing monsters are the type of monsters Yussei’s friend Crow uses. Black Wing monsters are dark, winged-beast monsters. Black Wing monsters focus on changing attack and defense in order to weaken the opponent’s monsters. All Black Wing monsters can be swarmed, or summoned numerously.

The strongest Black Wing Monster is Armor Master. He’s a synchro monster so you can easily play him. When Armor Master attacks he can put a Wedge Token on that monster. The selected monster’s attack and defense are 0 for the turn. An amazing combo with Black Wing monsters is to summon all of them in one turn (it is possible due to their abilities) and then Black Wings Bora the Spear and Sirocco the Dawn will gain a ton of attack points with their special abilities.

I find the Black Wing Monsters interesting because their group abilities are very distinct. And in the show, Crow looks like a tough enough duelist to handle these cards. I’d like to see what they can do.

Yugioh 5Ds: Who is the Fifth Signer?

One of the biggest asked questions in Yugioh5Ds: Who is the fifth Signer?” and I think it is soooo Crow! He has beast Winged Beast monsters!

Yugioh 5Ds has always revolved around people known as Signers. There are five Signers, one of which is unknown. Rex Goodman, tries to bring the Signers together in order to summon the Crimson Dragon Each Signer has a dragon and later in the story, they fight Dark Signers, duelists who try to revive the Grand Earthbound God. Now as I looked around the web, everyone was wondering who was the final Signer? I don’t have an answer but I might be able to give a guess.

Many people thought that Rex Goodman was the fifth Signer, however that cannot be true because when Akiza and Yussei summon Black Rose Dragon and Stardust Dragon, every Signers’ arm starts glowing except Goodwin’s. Plus when he showed his metal hand to Jack, there was no mark. If Goodwin was the last Signer he would immediately have a meeting with all the other Signers.

I thought the last Signer was Sayer, the leader of the Arcadian Movement, because he was always appearing in the scenes. Plus, I thought that he put Akiza in the tournament to find the other four Signers. However if he was the fifth Signer, than Akiza and Goodwin would have known and they would both say something to him. Sayer also lost his life when he lost a shadow duel against the Dark Signer, Carly. Important people of the plot such as Signer’s don’t just die like that.

My best guess for who the fifth Signer is Crow, because he has the same personality as Yusei and he also has a powerful dragon monster in this deck. Crow also looks like Singner material. However I may be wrong but it is still a fun mystery, who really is the fifth Signer?