How to Make a Strong Yugioh Deck

Creating a Yugioh deck is simple and I have seeing that duelists are having a hard time making one. Follow these tips and I guarantee you that you’ll have a beast Yugioh deck.

As I searched the web to find new topics for my blog, I found a very interesting topic that might be useful to any duelist. Many people were having trouble making a good Yugioh deck. Making a Yugioh deck is very simple. I’ve been noticing duelists are making it more complicated than it really is.

Once you’ve gathered up the cards you might want to use for your deck, sort them based on the type of card. Create a pile for effect monsters, normal monsters, spell cards, and trap cards. Ideally you keep on analyzing each deck you make and see if it has good combos and strong monsters, but what I’ve done in the past is I have made the deck and then tested its strength in a duel. If you find your deck and its cards flow together, that’s definitely the deck you want to use.

The most basic rule of making a deck is never put to many high level monsters. I would recommend adding four 5-6 level monsters, and two 7-10 level monsters. Also, you never just throw in l-4 leveled monsters. You have to make sure there effects match your deck theme, that they are strong effect-wise, offensively, and defensively. Chain effects help a lot in a duel as well.

The trap cards that you put in your deck must be a great defensive card. You need to be able to rely on your trap cards for instant defensive. Spell cards however can be offensive or defensive. Think of your spell cards as power-ups for your monsters. They should be able to help your monsters defeat your foe’s monsters.

Whether it’s a burn or a theme, the type of deck you want is ultimately your choice. These are just tips on how to format your deck. As long as you can win with your Yugioh deck, you know that is your deck.

Black Rose Dragon, the Strongest Dragon Monster

Stardust and Red Archfiend Dragons fall short in a competition between Black Rose Dragon. In my opinion, Black Rose has the best effect, good stats, and everyone in yugioh 5ds talks about it as if it were a god.

Recently, I opened the Black Rose Dragon tin deck at my friend’s birthday party. My friend and I were shocked at how many great cards were in their. The Black Rose Dragon Tin Deck revolved around plant. I also got to see the new beast of Yugioh 5Ds, Black Rose Dragon. There were many valuable cards in that tin. If any duelists want to make a plant deck, I recommend buying this tin first. It had great combos and great cards, including Black Rose Dragon. I saw another familiar monster in the tin. It was Resurrection Demon King Ha Des. R.D.K. Ha Des was similar to the original Ha Des. They both had the same attack and defense points, plus their images looked similar too. However this Ha Des had a better effect. The original Ha Des’ ability was that if he destroyed an effect monster, that monster’s effect was negated. Demon King Ha Des’ ability was the same except it worked with zombie monsters as well.

Black Rose Dragon
Black Rose Dragon

As great as the other cards were, I was pulled away by the star of the show, Black Rose Dragon. She had a great ability. When she is summoned, she can destroy all monsters on the field. Once per, you can discard one plant monster from your graveyard to switch one of your opponent’s monster’s to attack position. The funny thing is, it will have no attack points! This would be a start to a great combo. Synchro summon Black Rose Dragon and use her effect destroying all cards on the field including herself. Then use monster reborn to bring her back and then attack attack your foe directly. Next, play Stray Lambs and end your turn. However you must set some trap card(s) that in some prevent your opponent from playing a monster. Next, on your turn, sacrifice any amount of Stray Lamb tokens and play a strong monster. Attack with Black Rose D. and your tribute summoned monster to deal a great amount of damage. My conclusion is this; Black Rose Dragon tin is one of the best tins ever. The main reason, because it revolves around a certain type of monster, allowing you to make more combos, summon stronger monsters, and easily defeat your opponent.

The Elemental Hero Deck

The E-Hero cards are some the most popular cards. It is not surprising why. They consist of many strong monsters. The fusion monsters are just too powerful. Easy to make strategies too.

Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental Hero Neos
Elemental Hero Neos

Today I dueled one of my friends to see who was a stronger duelist. Instead of using my main deck, I decided on trying my new Hero deck. This deck consisted of cards like Elemental Hero Neos and Destiny Hero Doom Lord. My friend’s deck consisted of strong fiend cards like Dark Necrofear and Raviel Lord of Phantasms.

I had an advantage in this duel. My friend had a lot of strong monsters, but he did not have any strategy. Many of his spell and trap cards had nothing to do with fiends and were just in his deck for their effects. At first he used Card of Destruction and discarded his hand, which had three fiends in them. He removed the three fiends from play to summon Dark Necrofear.

He inflicted lots of damage to me with Dark Necrofear. It seemed as if the duel was his. However, I drew a clutch card in the 9th turn. It was Destiny Hero Doom Lord. I played D-Hero Doom Lord and activated his effect. He could send one monster out of play and it would return in the second standby phase of this effect’s activation, but Necrofear cannot be special summoned unless you remove from play three fiends so it was a good move on my part.

In my friend’s next turn he destroyed Doom Lord with Octaclops. Due to my Hero Signal trap card, I special summoned onto the field E-Hero Neos. In my turn, I special summoned E-Hero Sparkman with the effect of O-Oversoul. When I activated my Pot of Greed, I sealed the duel. I had drawn Hero FLASH!!. Since Oversoul, Heated Heart, Emergency Call, and Righteous Justice was in the graveyard, I was able to activate Hero FLASH!!. With Hero Flash, all my normal monsters could attack directly. This included my Sparkman, Warrior Dai Grepher, and my Neos. With the attack, my friend lost 5800 life points, costing him the duel.

Since then I have given my Elemental Hero Deck and upgrade. I have added more monsters to it and more defensive spell and traps like Sakuretsu Armor. This deck consists of some of the most popular Yugioh cards. My friend even told me this was a Yugioh deck to be feared. Though I assembled it with random Hero cards, it seems to have enough potential to be my starting deck.

Good: Many, many, possible combos. A lot of fusions. Strong monsters.

Bad: Not enough defensive cards. Trap cards are very predictable.

Deck Rating: 9/10

Yugioh Structure Decks

Yugioh Structure Decks help teach great combos to any duelist. Very helpful deck(s).

Many duelists like to make decks out of their rare cards. They see which monsters, spells, and traps are fit to be in their deck. That is how I created my deck as well. However, when you first start playing Yugioh, creating your deck is not a good idea. Type Structure decks provide young duelists a starting deck in which they can build on as they gain experience with cards of their choice.

Currently, there are 14 structure decks in the U.S. For beginner duelists, buying a structure deck is a good way to start your dueling career. Not only do the 14 structure decks teach basic combos, they also show young duelists how to win in a clutch situation.

One of my favorite structure decks is the Dark Emperor deck. This deck has very good combos and makes it easy to play high level monsters. For example, by activating Dimensional Fissure, any destroyed card goes out of play instead of the graveyard. After a few turns there will be many monsters out of play. Then by activating Return from a Different Dimension, you can special summon as many monsters as you can from out of play. You can tribute some of those monsters to play a stronger monster or attack with all of them.

It doesn’t matter what structure deck you buy, it is sure to help you. I learned many key strategies from decks like Invincible Fortress and Warriors Triumph. I guarantee that anybody will improve as a duelist by using structure decks.

Positive: Teaches basic and advanced combos; strategies.

Negative: Not many powerful monsters, not tournament caliber decks.

Deck(s) Rating: 9/10