What Is Your Duel Style?

For a deck to be unique, you need to have to have a theme to it, or a battle style. I have compiled a list of styles, each one has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Many of these styles are used by characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh show.

Lately, I have been trying to play Yugioh online, for free. I didn’t find anything besides advertisements your Yugioh Online, Duelpass advertisements, and Yugioh quizzes. There were Yugioh quizzes on facebook, the 4-kids homepage, even small on toy company website. The fact is, these quizzes were pretty simple but they asked soulful questions. My favorite quiz out of all of them was a quiz about type of duel style you had. If you dueled like Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, etc… In my latest post, I am going to give a list of duel styles I found, and on the comments box, I want you guys to write what you think is your duel style!

Having a duel style helps strengthen your strategies because you can revolve them around a certain type of style. I found a lot of decent duel styles on the internet. They were more like keywords than styles, so I mixed and matched them up according to similarity. Some might seem better than others, but choose the duel style which you know is the one you use:

  • On a tough situation, pull out your strongest monster!
  • Attack, attack!
  • Fill your deck with very high defense monsters, so your opponent can’t penetrate your defense
  • Use a couple of high attack monsters but use a trap in a bad situation
  • Kill your foe with traps
  • Focus your whole deck on summoning crazy strong monsters!
  • Use weak monsters with awesome effects and use traps to keep them alive
  • Use weak monsters with awesome effects and use equip spells to boost their attack and/or defense
  • Play field spells to protect certain type of monsters
  • Activate ritual spells to dish out high attack monsters with decent effects
  • Other

Here are all the compilations of styles I found. I would say that I use a lot of weak monsters that have good effects and help them with my traps.  Remember, we all have dueling styles that make our decks unique, one battle style isn’t necessarily good as another. So if you write down your dueling style on the comments box, please write with all honesty.

The Number One Yu-Gi-Oh Duel!

Here is the #1 duel in the top ten duels in yugioh history. I chose Judai versus Darkness because it was an epic duel that decided the overall fate of the world. Please enjoy!

Hi readers! I apologize for not have written for a while, but here is the post you have all been waiting for! The number one Yu-Gi-Oh duel in  history! Jaden Yuki a.k.a, light, versus Darkness!

#1 The Ultimete Duel-Jaden versus Darkness

The duel starts slow at first as Jaden sees all his peers and friends dissapear into the darkness because they are eaten up by their fears of failing in professional world. After that is when the fight begins! Darkness plays a trap combo know as Zero-Infiniti. It randomly plays 5 traps on the field and each turn Zero and Infinity show. The trap card chosen depedns on the number of trap cards between Zero and Infinity. Jaden would be inflicted with the destructive effects of the trap card chosen. Jaden makes a comeback with playing Yubel and fusioning her with Elementel Hero Neos. Together they formed Neos Wiseman. Wiseman destroys a fake Elemental Hero Neos inflicting Darkness 2500 and giving Jaden 2000 life points.

Darkness plays Darkness Seed which evolves every turn and allows Darkness to see his traps. Over turn Darkness Seed evolved into Darkness Neosphere, giving Jaden a lot to deal with, whit Neoshpere’s 4000 attack points. Jaden sees another vision of his friend’s suffering but gives them confidence about their futures with his words. With the darkness in their hearts gone they return into the real world giving Jaden a moral boost. Then Jaden special summons his strongest monster, Elemental God Neos, 3000 attack and 2500 defense points. God Neos gained 5400 attack points due to its effect and easily defeated Neosphere. With Darkness gone, peace was restored to the Duel Academy.


Over the internet, I found many people thought that Yugi versus Jaden was the best duel ever, however the reason I did not put that duel in my list is because:

1. It is short

2. You never find out who the winner is; it just showa Neos attacking Slifer and thats it

Well, thanks for watching! I hope you guys liked my list of the Top Five Duels in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Top 5 Duels in Yugioh History Part 2

Part of the greatest duels of all time. Consists of Battle City Duel Kaiba vs Yugi and Yugi vs Atem. Please enjoy!

Hi readers! Here is the second part of the 5 greatest duels in Yu-Gi-Oh history. Both will be duels from the original “Yu-Gi-Oh series. Please enjoy these amazing duels!

#3 Battle City Duel-Yugi vs Kaiba: After Jeoy’s heart-throbbing in the Battle City semi-finals, Yugi swears he will avenge his friend in an easy duel against Kaiba. Easy? NO way, as Kaiba starts out the duel as agressive as ever. However Yugi manages to get past some of his tricks and plays his Queen’s Knight. Next he special summon’s King’s Knight and finally Jack’s Knight. He sacrifices the three to play Slifer the Sky Dragon. After a missed attack by Slifer, Kaiba special summons his own Obelisk the Tormentor. After several turns of Obelisk and Slifer going head to head, Yugi summons his Dark Magician to wrap up the duel, however Kaiba counters by playing Blue Eyes W. Dragon.

After some more combat, Yugi fusion summons Dark Paladin to go up against Kaiba’s Blue Eyes W. Dragon. Kaiba then summons Blue Eyes U. Dragon and attacks Yugi. With some luck, Yugi activates De-Fusion. With Kaiba’s three Blue Eyes U. Dragon’s and Yugi’s Red Eyes B. Dragon, Dark Paladin gains 2000 attack points. Yugi activates Diffusion Wave -Motion attacking all three Blue Eyes, dealing Kaiba 5700 points of damage, and winning the duel.

#2 Yugi vs Atem: The last duel in the whole Yu-Gi-Oh series is one of the best in the world! Yugi versus the person who has been within him for three years, Atem. Just as the duel begins, Atem doesn’t fail to summon all three of the Egyptian Gods. Yugi counters the summon by playing his three gadgets whom serve well on dealing some life points only to be defeated by Obelisk. Yugi plays  Gold Sarcophagus, puts a mystery card inside of it, and ends his turn. A couple of turns after Yugi’s Silent Swordsman LV7 defeats Slifer,  Atem uses Monster Reborn to bring back Slifer but Yugi activates Gold Sarchopagus and negates Monster Reborn, which destroys (for the second time) Slifer the Sky Dragon and leaves Atem wide open for attack. Crying, Yugi attacks Atem with Silent Magician LV7 and wins.

Thanks for watching! Next time, the greatest duel in Yu-Gi-Oh, stay tuned!

Top 5 Duels in Yugioh History Part 1

Top Yugioh duels numbers 4 and 5. These are some hardcore do or die duels in Yu-gi-oh History, enjoy!

For a long time, I have been thinking about the duels that took place in Yugioh and Yugioh GX. The classic amazing duels between two rival with killer cards! So I’ve decided to write about the top 5 duels in my list. These are no noobie duels like Weevile vs Joey or Jaden vs Alexis, these hard core duels!

#5 Crow versus Dark Greiger: This was one of the most anticipated duels in Yugioh 5Ds. It was Crow’s debut duel in the show plus it was Dark Grieger’s debut as well. It’s a very close called duel and Crow and Greiger are neck and neck for 99% of it. However when Crow activates a trap card that allows you to use a trap card from foe’s graveyard. Crow uses it on Basara, he sacrifices his Blackwing and destroys Greiger’s Earthbound God, giving Greiger 800 points of damage and winning Crow the duel.

#4 Yubel-Jessie versus Zane Treusdale: When you watch the duel, you can tell its going to be a do-or-die duel. Both Zane and Y-Jessie start out pummeling each other. Zane finds that the power of the Dark Crystal Beast is strong and decides to use his ace in the hole, Cyber End Dragon before he loses his momentum. However, Y-Jessie special summons Rainbow Dark Dragon. Zane fusion summons Cyber End Dragon by using Power Bond ad raises its attack to 8000 attack. However Jessie uses Rainbow Dark Dragon’s effect to raise his attack power to 9000 attack power. Zane knowing he can’t win plays a spell card that re-summons Cyber End Dragon. Zane then takes 4000 damage due to Power Bond and loses.

Yugioh 5Ds: Who is the Fifth Signer?

One of the biggest asked questions in Yugioh5Ds: Who is the fifth Signer?” and I think it is soooo Crow! He has beast Winged Beast monsters!

Yugioh 5Ds has always revolved around people known as Signers. There are five Signers, one of which is unknown. Rex Goodman, tries to bring the Signers together in order to summon the Crimson Dragon Each Signer has a dragon and later in the story, they fight Dark Signers, duelists who try to revive the Grand Earthbound God. Now as I looked around the web, everyone was wondering who was the final Signer? I don’t have an answer but I might be able to give a guess.

Many people thought that Rex Goodman was the fifth Signer, however that cannot be true because when Akiza and Yussei summon Black Rose Dragon and Stardust Dragon, every Signers’ arm starts glowing except Goodwin’s. Plus when he showed his metal hand to Jack, there was no mark. If Goodwin was the last Signer he would immediately have a meeting with all the other Signers.

I thought the last Signer was Sayer, the leader of the Arcadian Movement, because he was always appearing in the scenes. Plus, I thought that he put Akiza in the tournament to find the other four Signers. However if he was the fifth Signer, than Akiza and Goodwin would have known and they would both say something to him. Sayer also lost his life when he lost a shadow duel against the Dark Signer, Carly. Important people of the plot such as Signer’s don’t just die like that.

My best guess for who the fifth Signer is Crow, because he has the same personality as Yusei and he also has a powerful dragon monster in this deck. Crow also looks like Singner material. However I may be wrong but it is still a fun mystery, who really is the fifth Signer?

Yugioh Duel: My Mom VS I

Yes it was chaotic at times, but dueling my mom was not as bad as I thought. She played a good game until the end where she got mad at my deck.

Yesterday, I did a Yugioh experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I dueled an adult, so I dueled my mom. She did better than I expected. Her combos were good, her monster selection was adequate, and she never gave up. However he just didn’t understand the game.

My mom used my main deck while I used my hero deck. The duel started out in her favor. Due to Cyber Dragon, she inflicted 5200 damage to me in two turns. Meanwhile I activated D-Hero Captain Tenacious’ ability. I brought back my D-Hero Doom Lord and removed Cyber Dragon from play. Next I played Buster Blader and attacked my mom directly.

It was a close duel until my mom became frustrated for her lack of high level monsters. From then on I played for her, dueling against myself. In the end I won when I played E-Hero Dark Neos and attacked her. With this duel I learned two things. One, with proper training my mom could be a great duelist and second, dueling against adults is not as exciting as dueling your friends.

When dueling adult, they will mess up several times. For example my mom played trap cards without setting them. Even though it was boring at times, I had a good time.

The Elemental Hero Deck

The E-Hero cards are some the most popular cards. It is not surprising why. They consist of many strong monsters. The fusion monsters are just too powerful. Easy to make strategies too.

Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental Hero Neos
Elemental Hero Neos

Today I dueled one of my friends to see who was a stronger duelist. Instead of using my main deck, I decided on trying my new Hero deck. This deck consisted of cards like Elemental Hero Neos and Destiny Hero Doom Lord. My friend’s deck consisted of strong fiend cards like Dark Necrofear and Raviel Lord of Phantasms.

I had an advantage in this duel. My friend had a lot of strong monsters, but he did not have any strategy. Many of his spell and trap cards had nothing to do with fiends and were just in his deck for their effects. At first he used Card of Destruction and discarded his hand, which had three fiends in them. He removed the three fiends from play to summon Dark Necrofear.

He inflicted lots of damage to me with Dark Necrofear. It seemed as if the duel was his. However, I drew a clutch card in the 9th turn. It was Destiny Hero Doom Lord. I played D-Hero Doom Lord and activated his effect. He could send one monster out of play and it would return in the second standby phase of this effect’s activation, but Necrofear cannot be special summoned unless you remove from play three fiends so it was a good move on my part.

In my friend’s next turn he destroyed Doom Lord with Octaclops. Due to my Hero Signal trap card, I special summoned onto the field E-Hero Neos. In my turn, I special summoned E-Hero Sparkman with the effect of O-Oversoul. When I activated my Pot of Greed, I sealed the duel. I had drawn Hero FLASH!!. Since Oversoul, Heated Heart, Emergency Call, and Righteous Justice was in the graveyard, I was able to activate Hero FLASH!!. With Hero Flash, all my normal monsters could attack directly. This included my Sparkman, Warrior Dai Grepher, and my Neos. With the attack, my friend lost 5800 life points, costing him the duel.

Since then I have given my Elemental Hero Deck and upgrade. I have added more monsters to it and more defensive spell and traps like Sakuretsu Armor. This deck consists of some of the most popular Yugioh cards. My friend even told me this was a Yugioh deck to be feared. Though I assembled it with random Hero cards, it seems to have enough potential to be my starting deck.

Good: Many, many, possible combos. A lot of fusions. Strong monsters.

Bad: Not enough defensive cards. Trap cards are very predictable.

Deck Rating: 9/10