Yugioh Abridged

Yugioh Abridged is a show based on spoof of the original Yugioh episodes. It is absolutely hilarious and in this post I talk about why I really like Yugioh Abridged.

Yugioh AbridgedWe’ve all seen the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh GX series, as well as the futuristic Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds series. Though all of these Yugioh sagas have great storylines and feature amazing cards, I have to say the most entertaining and comedic Yugioh saga is Yu-gi-oh Abridged.Yu-gi-oh Abridged is a parody of the original Yugioh storyline. Each Yu-gi-oh Abridged episode is cut from 30 minutes, to about 7 minutes. Though it does have some dueling in the show, Yu-gi-oh Abridged consists mostly of clips where people talk about random things in funny accents. The hilarity of Yu-gi-oh Abridged isn’t something I can explain. You have to watch Yu-gi-oh Abridged to fully understand how funny it is:

Yugioh Blog Site Redesign

It was time to freshen up Yugioh Blog so I redesigned the site.

Yes, it’s what you think! A new year calls for new changes and now my Yugioh Blog has a new background. Though I did like the last design, I thought that changing the background would freshen up my site. My old background was about 800 pixels wide, but this one is 1024 pixels wide, and therefore my site is significantly larger. The larger size makes the sidebar less jam-packed and more presentable.  It also allows more reading space. The inferno image from my old background was fairly large, and as a result, it took a lot of time for people with slow connections to access my site. Now that it is removed, it will take less time to enter my Yugioh Blog.

I will spend some more time this weekend to refine the site some more.  I hope you like the new background; you can give the credit to my father, who spent hours on Photoshop finding the right color schemes for the new design. Thanks dad!

Yugioh Cards Blog’s Top 5 Posts

As the year comes to an end, I want to give an overview of my blog with the Top 5 posts I have written since December 31st. I hope you guys enjoy these.

Because the year is coming to an end, I thought I’d list what I thought were my Yugioh blog’s top five posts of the year. These are based on views, amount of comments, and popularity on the internet.

5.  Destiny Heroes

In this post, I talk about Destiny Heroes/Top Destiny Heroes in Yugioh, and their style of play. Though this post never got any comments, I put it in on as number five because the term Yugioh Destiny Heroes are very popular on the internet. Also, Destiny Heroes has the third highest views out of all my posts, so I thought it deserved a spot on the list.

4. Banned Yugioh Cards

This post talks about a monster that was once banned, Jinzo, and a monster that is still banned, Tsukuyomi. I used these cards as examples, but the main point of this post was that some banned Yugioh cards should not be on that list because they (or their effects) aren’t very lethal. Though it isn’t viewed a lot, I put Banned Yugioh Cards as number four because it did get many responses. Plus, Banned Yugioh Cards is a very popular keyword on the internet.

3. Top Ten Strongest Monsters in Yugioh Pt. 1

As the name says, this post talks about four of the top ten monsters in Yugioh. Though this post didn’t have a lot of comments, the term Top Ten Monsters in Yugioh fairly popular on the internet and this is the highest viewed post in my whole site. In fact, more than a tenth of all of Yugioh Cards Blog’s page views comes from the Top Ten Monsters in Yugioh Pt. 1 post.

2. Yugioh 5Ds: Who Is the Fifth Signer?

I wrote this a long time ago when Crow hadn’t been reveled to be the official fifth signer. I wondered who the fifth signer was so I decided to write a post about it, asking the question to all my readers. I didn’t know back then that it would be one of my most popular posts with 48 comments. It also has a good amount of page views (2600). Also, back then, the whole signer topic was VERY popular.

1. #1 Monster In Yugioh – Yubel The Ultimate Nightmare

Not only does this post have 148 comments, it is one of the most viewed posts on my site. In this post, I talk about Yubel and its ups and downs. This is my favorite post because this is where my readers and I had all of our debates and shared opinions.  I think theywould agree that is the best post in my Yugioh blog.

Once again guys, it really has been a great year. I hope you guys read these posts if you haven’t and reminisce about them if you have. Thank you again for reading my Yugioh blog and I hope next year will be an even better experience!

The 1st Birthday For My Yugioh Blog

One year has past since I started my Yugioh blog. Since then, I’ve had a lot of debating with my readers, making contests, and writing about all things Yugioh. So I want thank my readers for making my blog one of the most prominent sites in the Yugioh world!

Can you believe it? It has almost been one year since I wrote my first post in this Yugioh Cards Blog. Though there was a lot of controversy and arguing between my readers and I, it is because of them my blog has become a prominent site in the Yugioh world. This year, I had 70,000 views from around the world and my Google page rank rocketed from 0 to 2! Though my blog has been doing well, I want to further improve it; I want 100,000 views instead of 70,000! I want a four page rank instead of a two! So I need advice from the only people who know my blog better than myself, my readers.

  • What things about my Yugioh blog did you guys like?
  • What things about my Yugioh blog didn’t you like?
  • What things should I continue in my blog?
  • Should I have more/less contests?

I would love it if you guys would think about some these questions and answer them. It is through only your feedback that I can improve my Yugioh blog. After all, it is you guys I write for! Also, my next post will be a list of the best posts/moments of my Yugioh blog. So thanks for the great year guys! With your help, next year, my Yugioh blog will be even cooler!

Top Yugioh Sites

Though there are many Yugioh sites, I think my Yugioh Blog is the top Yugioh site. You can see the list of top Yugioh sites from the link in my post. My Yugioh Blog is in the top 5 Yugioh sites.

Like every other genre of websites, my Yugioh Blog has a lot of competition. So once in a while, I see who they are by going to the Top Yugioh Sites page. Some of the top Yugioh sites are vlogs, picture galleries, as well blogs like my own. Many of the top Yugioh sites were very cool. They were had alot info about Yugioh and you can really tell that those people are putting efforts in to their blogs.

Of course, as much as I like those other Yugioh sites, I think the top Yugioh site is my own, Yugioh Cards Blog. When you go to the link above, you will see my site is at rank #5 (though it might change time to time). I think my blog is the  most informative and the most simple than any other top Yugioh site or Yugioh site for that matter. However, I am being bias, for, this is my blog.

What is a top Yugioh site? How can you determine if a Yugioh site can be considered as “top-notch”? One thing I use to tell a top Yugioh site from an ordinary one is the google page rank. It is a bar that is usually on the toolbar of your internet browser. The bar ranks a site (out of 10) based on the relevance it has with the topic. So when I was looking at top Yugioh sites, many of them had page ranks of usually two and three. My Yugioh Blog, despite being 11 months old, already has a page rank of two.

Of course, what you think is a top Yugioh site and what isn’t is your decision. The page rank is just something that shows what Google thinks of your site. However remember that the link above will have a list of top Yugioh sites, and if you ever want to check, you can go to the website through the link on my post, as well as my blog.